MAST is one of only a few companies with the experience and capability to provide armed security at sea.

Rules of engagement

Much has been written about this by lawyers. It is axiomatic that defining these rules is at the heart of the concerns many have. MAST has analysed its legal position carefully.

The MAST Rules of Engagement are based on sound legal principles. The right of self defence is enshrined in international Law. Providing that the response is proportionate and reasonable then it can be justified.

Nothing in the rules circumvents the Master's overriding authority.

We are fully aware of our legal obligations and maintain a high level of liability cover giving further confidence to our clients.

Firearms export

Shipping firearms is part of our expertise.

We have experience of firearms import and export procedures and have successful handled global shipment of firearms in support of our clients. For example, we have shipped firearms from the UK to Djibouti which were embarked on a ship and then offloaded in the Maldives.

You can read more about practical and legal implications of the carriage of firearms in our FAQ article

Licences in Djibouti and Salalah

MAST Djibouti and Salalah are accredited and licensed to operate from their respective territories under government supervision and subject to strict controls.

MAST is one of a very small number of companies allowed to conduct these types of operations.

'In practical terms and with proper planning, the carriage of firearms is a risk management decision that MAST has the experience to assist companies to take. It provides a vessel with another option in the event of an attack where manoeuvring, use of hoses, speed and other defensive manoeuvres fail. It is a matter for each client to make an informed choice.'